Miami-Dade Hotel Taxes Plummet

June 2009 brought an 18 percent drop in Miami-Dade hotel taxes. This drop resembles that of the 16.8 percent decline in the 12 months following the 2001 terrorist attacks.

This drop in hotel taxes further complicates the county’s efforts to finance a new baseball stadium for the Florida Marlins. The county is securing future hotel taxes for the nearly $400 million of construction debt they plan to incur. The steep hotel tax decline has forced county officials to rewrite the stadium’s financing plan. The stadium’s future is dependent on the hotel market’s success over the next two years.

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Miami Airport Passenger Reviews

Miami International Airport Miami – Airport Passenger Reviews

Skytrax has added a site in which travelers and prospective travelers may find guidance pertaining to Miami International Airport. Basically, the site is a forum where previous travelers who have visited Miami International Airport can write Miami Airport Passenger Reviews about their experience as well as rating the airport on a 5-star system. You can find information such as airport ranking for Miami International Airport, as well. The site is filled with travelers’ opinions in Miami Airport Passenger Reviews as well as tips in hopes that other travelers may benefit.

Of course, the site is also one in which you may post your own Miami Airport Passenger Reviews so that other travelers may be well-informed. You can find this informative Miami Airport Passenger Reviews site at


Miami Beach Trying to Evict Mr. Clucky?!

The latest buzz on South Beach is regarding a local celebrity chicken named Mr. Clucky. South Beach residents are very familiar with Mr. Clucky as are many, if not most, visitors who have walked along Lincoln Road. He is a white chicken that is always perched upon his owner’s shoulder or bike handlebars while he bicycles his way through South Beach all day, every day. People also always easily spot Mark Buckley, Mr. Clucky’s owner, with his trademark jean overalls and a beanie hat.

Word is, someone complained about Mr. Clucky and, thus, began the feud. The City of Miami Beach is now saying that Mr. Clucky gets the boot! City code enforcement says that farm animals are not allowed to live in Miami Beach and that Buckley and Mr. Clucky must move out of their Jefferson Avenue studio apartment and get out of town.

Buckley is arguing that his long-time resident of Miami Beach has brought smiles to children’s faces for years and has become more like an ambassador of the city. In the past few months, Buckley has collected signed affidavits from neighbors promising that the rooster does not make any noise or act as a nuisance. People have gathered on Lincoln Road to show their support and protest with signs. On Wednesday night, July 29th, a news conference and candlelight vigil was held for Mr. Clucky. Mr. Clucky went into Miami Beach City Hall this Thursday morning at 9:00AM to learn his fate. Will he be evicted or accepted?

Mr. Clucky on a Bike

Mr. Clucky on a Bike

UPDATE: “A special hearing officer ordered Buckley on Thursday to pay a $50 fine and gave city code officers the authority to remove Mr. Clucky and his publicity-shy hen girlfriend, Wallflower, from Buckley’s first-floor condo on Jefferson Avenue.” Miami Herald / 07.30.2009

Miami’s First Casino

Miami-Dade County welcomes its very first Miami casino. Churchill Downs and Calder Race Course broke ground on Wednesday, June 3rd on a 104,000 square-foot facility.

The gambling facility will feature 1,225 slot machines, three restaurants and valet parking. The  Miami casino will open next year right before the Super Bowl which will be played in the nearby LandShark Stadium. Miami-Dade will now join its neighboring Broward County which already features slot machines at tracks and Seminole Indian Miami casinos.

Art Photo Expo – Photo Gallery in Miami

The Art Photo Expo art gallery in Miami on Lincoln Road is perhaps best known for its retrospective of Naomi Campbell, a collection of photographs by renowned, leading photographers, capturing the model’s elegance and glamour over the years. The retrospective was featured in South Florida’s second annual In Fashion Photo exhibition. The photo gallery in Miami opened in December 2008 after the world-famous Art Basel event in Miami. The art gallery in Miami kept up with the major competition with over 250 contemporary photographs for sale by more than 35 of the world’s leading fashion photographers.

The photo gallery in Miami features works by leading international photographers such as Chen Man, Miles Aldridge, Michael Thompson and Arthur Elgort. Viewers are stirred by the whimsical images that seem like life-size photos right out of a fashion magazine. The art gallery in Miami is located at 910 Lincoln Road. For more information, call 305-672-0055 or email


Miami Beach hotels – Hotels in Miami Beach

March is the peak of tourism in Miami. Tourism officials hoped that this year’s seemingly busy travel peak season would end the continuous decline of Miami’s largest industry. Unfortunately, vacationers that traveled at all are demanding lower rates for Miami Beach hotels. Room rates for hotels in Miami Beach are down by double digits.

A report from Smith Travel Research shows that March as been a miserable month for Miami Beach hotels at a rate decrease of 18 to 22 percent from last year. A new report predicts that this year will be the end of this decline in tourism and that hotels in Miami Beach room rates will grow 7 percent in 2010.

According to the Jones Lang LaSalle report, Miami Beach hotels rates in 2012 will surpass last year’s levels. Some should consider purchasing hotels in Miami Beach as they are probably at their most affordable right now. Make sure to make your purchase before the revenue levels rise again as the price to invest in a hotel will rise, too.


Miami Beach tourism, Miami’s Guide

Miami Beach tourism is still suffering even through the high season. Miami Beach hotel revenues and occupancy numbers are decreasing even more quickly than they did after September 11th. Miami Beach tourism suffered a great deal after September 11th due to people’s reluctance to fly. Miami’s Guide will guide you in the right direction and help you find everything you need for the perfect trip.

Revenue for Miami Beach hotels in February 2009 was low and occupancy rates dropped between 10 to 73%. Miami Beach hotel room prices declined an average of 15% to $180 per night. Aside from the global decline, Miami Beach tourism is also suffering because of the increased hotel room supply. There are 10% more Miami Beach hotel rooms this year than last year. Despite the decrease in numbers, Miami Beach tourism gets along well compared to other US top tourist destinations. Vacationers in Miami Beach take advantage of incredible deals on accommodations and usually prefer to stay in Miami Beach vacation rental properties. Miami Beach hotels averages per room are the highest in the country. Use Miami’s Guide to make educated decisions and save while traveling.

Catalina Hotel in Miami Beach

Catalina Hotel in Miami Beach