About Miami – Will Smith’s “Miami” Video

There are so many images and sounds that exemplify what is Miami and South Beach about, but one of the Miami’s Video that sums it up the most is the music Video from Will Smith “welcome to Miami”. First you will enjoy the music tremendously while watching this great video that is not new for sure, but it is one of the best. A few minutes watching it, is better than reading any tourist guide on Miami or South Beach Miami. You will grab the essence of Miami instantaneously!

The video starts of course in the heart of the South Beach Art Deco District in one iconic place, The Dinner located in Washington Avenue. The rhythm takes you immediately, so you are transported in the magic city the way it really is. This Miami online video highlights Miami’s major themes: glamuor, parties, luxury, sexy, beaches, history, Latino, vacation and night clubs everything mixed and intertwined impeccably.

Will Smith jumps out of his private plane and drive in a luxury exotic car in Miami, a Bentley convertible. Most of the video is about dancing and flirting with South Beach’s babes our Miami’s beauties. Miami parties are everywhere in our wonderful beaches of South Beach where the Latino rhythm takes over. Yes Miami is great and so attractive for its melting pot, American, Cuban, Latino, European are mixing to enjoy Miami.

The video shows historic South Beach hotels on Ocean Drive, if you stay there do not expect the ultimate luxury or comfort unless you stay in one of the recently renovated luxury Miami hotel such as the Victor or Tides, South Beach vacation rentals are also great well located and affordable.

Will Smith embark in a Miami luxury sports boat to cruise Miami waters and crossing the famous Key Biscayne’s bridge to reach his final destination which is of course a private waterfront homes with a superb pool where the ultimate Miami party goes on. Is that really Miami, the answer is: come and experience it Miami yourself!


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  1. Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is a lot more than I expected when I stumpled upon a link on SU telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

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