Brickell Miami New Feeling! Miami Information

Brickell Miami is becoming a really nice place to live, shop, eat, and go out!

Although many Brickell condos were built, this Miami Florida neighborhood was mostly a business district with no nightlife. As a matter of fact, even when the Brickell real estate market is still not optimum and many buildings are partially empty, it seems like Brickell real estate and the neighborhood’s quality are climbing gradually.

More than 4,000 condos are currently empty in Brickell, and many Brickell real estate experts are predicting a prolonged decrease of prices in the area. Therefore, these price-reduced apartments offering luxury services will be sold as bargains in the times to come; as a consequence, it seems like it is a good moment to buy or rent in Brickell.

Sagafredo Miami Brickell, Novecento Brickell, and Rosa Mexicano are just some of the restaurants in Brickell that are giving a new spirit to the area. Furthermore, this neighborhood is getting packed with young professionals that are choosing Brickell as a premier place to live. Young professionals look to be specially attracted by strolling cafes, restaurants, and lounges in the area… more

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