City of Miami, A New Miami Tourism Campaign

Miami give birth to a new marketing Miami tourism campaign targeting more sophisticated travelers. The City of Miami is looking forward to attract more wealthy people with this campaign.

The slogan Miami: Express yourself, whereas the print campaign displays the work of prominent local artists. In addition, to attract affluent tourists this campaign is a reflection on the art movement that has taken over Miami for the past years. The City of Miami wants to let the entire world know that now we are serving as an emerging cultural center. For instance, Miami has become the home of world-known art festivals such as Art Basel Miami. Besides, Miami is home of several new cultural centers like Miami Carnival Center of the Performing Arts which each year brings new events to the city. As is this were not enough, the Miami Design District and Miami Wynwood Art District are emerging as two hot art spots whit numerous art galleries, sidewalk restaurants, and clubs. Nowadays, visitors and locals can enjoy a wonderful evening at Miami Art Districts by walking around galleries and enjoying a meal in one of the most exclusive and well-though restaurants in town such as Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink, already serving an A-list of clients, or perhaps having a drink in a Miami night club without the craziness of South Beach party scene. For once, Circa 28 allows young-elite to party with artists and intellectual people, instead of Spring Breakers, party animals, or even celebrity’s groupies.

The bottom line of this campaign is that Miami needs this kind of visitors to maintain its economy. Broward County is already making efforts to promote Fort Lauderdale as Florida’s premier vacation destination. Nevertheless, Miami also needs this projection in order to keep alive the various luxury hotels in Miami Beach, premier Miami restaurants and travel services. We must remember Miami is a vacation destination and, for worst or best, we all need this tourism industry. However, we cannot forget the regular tourist who has give Miami so much. The perfect Miami for me is one that can provide a high-end vacation to affluent tourists, who might even decide to invest in our city, but at the same time can properly serve the regular tourist traveling on a budget, who surely do not want to pay more than he should or get scam at a Miami night club.

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