Is Jason Taylor out of Miami Dolphins? – Miami Dolphins News

Early this week a controversy evolving Miami Dolphins’ Jason Taylor emerged. It seems the soon to be ex-NFL player wants to slow down his football career in order to pursue an acting career. Taylor recently said to the media that he still wanted to play football, but no more with the Miami Dolphins.

Jason Taylor participated in the last season of the popular TV “Dancing with the Stars” where he displayed a bit of charisma. His sudden popularity might be the reason why Taylor is so into pursuing an acting career using “Dancing with the Stars” as a platform.

It is still unknown if Taylor is out of the Miami Dolphins. However, we do know he isn’t participating in Miami’s off-season workout program. It seems like taking acting classes and auditions is time-consuming; therefore, Taylor’s scheduled is pretty tied.

Afterwards, Taylor is facing a difficult choice. He can continue his pursuit of the Super Bowl ring that has eluded him through 11 standout NFL seasons, or can retire to take advantage of his popularity in Hollywood from his “Dancing with the Stars” appearances.

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