Renting a Boat in Miami, Miami Travel Guide

Boaters will find what they are looking for in Miami, Florida. In Miami and Miami Beach, tourists can charter boats and yachts of all sizes and for all budgets. Usually, prices vary depending upon the kind of boat, yet Miami boats for rent tend to be more affordable that boats in Europe and other popular boating destinations.

In our tropical paradise, it is possible to rent a boat for the day, with or without a captain.  Besides, people can charter a luxury yacht for a few days to travel around South Florida coast line and the Caribbean with a captain and small crew. In addition, whether you are planning a holiday celebration, corporate event, or even a wedding, renting a Miami party boat is always a great idea. Party boats in Miami are equipped with all your guests my need, from kitchen and indoors dining, to dance floor and DJ’s.

The chartering a boat in Miami can be easy or more challenging depending on the way it is done. There a few companies offering yacht charter services online which frequently are accessible and have easy processes; nonetheless, there are a few things you need to know in order to get the best deal:

  • Select a professional and experienced boat charter in Miami that have established relationships with boat owners.
  • Respected Miami Florida boat charters select quality boats and negotiate good prices.
  • A broker will help you to solve any obstacles that may occur during your period of rental.
  • Doing business with an established Miami Florida yacht charter is an added protection and guarantee.

Chartering a boat in Miami with a particular owner is also an option; however it has certain disadvantages when it is compare with professional South Florida Yacht Charters, some of these disadvantages are:

  • Miami boat rentals’ prices are usually cheaper.
  • Boats might not be as a good condition as professional charters in Miami, Florida.
  • In case of trouble, there is no one responsible for it, only you!

During the year there are many boating events in South Florida such as Miami International Boat Show, South Florida Boat Show and Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. These events are ideal opportunities for all those interested into know more about the new trends of the industry or perhaps buying a boat.

Calendar of Miami Events 2008

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