Local Miami Fine Art Photographer – Art Photography – Art Pictures

Laurent Harari is a fine art landscape, nature and travel photographer, native of Paris, France with residence in Miami, Florida.

At an early age Laurent Harari developed a love for art photography, mostly of landscapes and nature fine art pictures. For the past fifteen years, Laurent Harari has traveled to remote places all around the world to continue to inspire his art photography.

Laurent Harari has primarily sold his fine art pictures to private art collectors in the U.S., France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Chile, and Argentina. Laurent Harari is currently preparing a photograph book and selling his fine art pictures in festivals and exhibitions throughout the U.S.

Apart from his book, this local Miami professional art photographer has launched a new website, buyphotoarts.com, where people interested in to invest in photo arts can access his art pictures. We specially recommend his landscapes art pictures collection where you will find amazing Florida Everglades photos. Additionally, to his landscapes photos he has an exquisite selection of cityscape pictures in which you will have access to fabulous pictures of Miami and other popular cities.


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