South Florida SunPass Mini Sticker Replaces Blow-up Sex Dolls

For years, solitary commuters have been finding creative ways to fool the system and use the South Florida HOV lanes on I-95 without any real companion passengers. Commuters have used ploys such as blow-up sex dolls, life-size celebrity cardboard cut-outs, faceless store mannequins, wigs on passenger-seat head restraints, dolls in baby seats, kick boxing dummies, Safe-T-Man and even balloons with a face drawn on them. In reality, only 12 percent of highway commuters carpooled. Sales for these travel “companions” will likely drop due to the seven-mile carpool lane being replaced with new variable-priced toll lanes on northbound South Florida I-95. Next year, the same will be done to the South-bound lane and by 2011, the pay-to-go lanes are expected to run through to Broward County. Lone travelers can now save some money with a $4.99 investment in a South Florida SunPass Mini sticker versus a $24.95 blow-up doll.



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