Bike Friendly Miami

Miami is taking steps to become a bike-friendly city.

City leaders recently approved a plan that strives to achieve that by 2012. Get ready to get those dusty bikes out of your garage or rent a bike in Miami and start practicing.

You may not forget how to ride a bike but you definitely get rusty.

Commission Chairman Joe Sanchez wants bike routes to be included in all street plans for here-on-out. A bike coordinator will join the transportation department.

Meanwhile, the city is working with Miami Parking Authority to create 24 bike parking areas.

The bike-friendly Miami action plan is made up of four points:

  • Construct a set of bike paths
  • Improve bike safety through education and outreach plans
  • Develop a bike master plan
  • Implement a practice of assessing and advancing bicycle proposals

Don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying a bike-friendly city, ask your Miami hotel front-desk where you can locate bike rentals in Miami. You can also ask to your Miami Beach vacation rental agency. In fact, some Miami Beach vacation rentals agencies provide bikes as a complementary service.


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