Miami Beach Vacation Rentals and Observance of Jewish Laws

Strict observant Jewish vacationers face several constraints when traveling. Often, hotels are not a good lodging option for several reasons:

Observant Jews follow a strict kosher diet that only allows them to eat in Kosher restaurants or at home if cooking with kosher pans and kosher ingredients.

Observant Jewish vacationers often have strict clothing restrictions that forbid them to have their body exposed to other peopmiami-kosher-dietle. Vacation rental homes in Miami Beach may be the best solution to take advantage of the beautiful weather in the privacy of their villa.

Respecting the rules of Shabbat in not easy. It prohibits the use of electricity for about 24 hours from Friday night to Saturday night. During the vacation, observant Jews would be unable to open their room door if they are electrically controlled. They cannot use elevators or an electricity-operated door to enter or exit the premises of a hotel.

The hotel needs to be within walking distance of a synagogue.

For all those reasons, renting a Miami Beach vacation rental villa is often the best solution as it allows vacationers to respect all strict rules.

…see more on kosher rules.


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  1. I agree that privately owned homes give travelers with specific needs a lot more freedom and flexibility. At such rental in Miami, you can prepare meals and if they don’t have you special species, then you can always take them from home and this way you will save a lot on dining out. I always considered vacation rentals a better option.
    I wrote about my Miami Beach trip on my travel blog .

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