Miami Beach Vacation Rentals and Kashrus

Kashrus are the rules that observant Jews follow regarding eating. They buy their food from kosher grocery stores and eat at kosher restaurants (there are plenty Miami kosher restaurants due to its big Jewish community.) Therefore, proximity to kosher retail stores and restaurants is a must for strict observant Jews.

Kosher restaurants and grocery stores can be found all over Miami but are mostly concentrated in North Miami and the Mid-Miami Beach area. Observant Jewish vacationers prefer areas of Miami where their will have easy access to synagogues, kosher grocery stores and kosher restaurants. There are a plethora of Miami vacation rentals around this areas.


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  1. There is a great website that was just launched called
    It is a user generated reviews site for kosher establishments. You can read and write reviews and find out all the information you need about kosher restaurants. Check it out here at

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