Miami Beach Vacation Rentals Ordinance

The City of Miami Beach ordinance has been fighting the allowance of vacation rentals of single family homes for the past 8 years.

The city finally decided to discontinue the renting of “party homes”, villas rented by operators for 1 or 2 nights for an organized commercial event.

The events were disturbing neighbors so the City of Miami Beach took drastic measures to put a stop to the nuisance. Unfortunately, by the same token they have affected the entire industry of home vacation rentals in Miami Beach.

Owners and managers of a vacation rental house in Miami Beach have been severely limited in their ability to rent their homes. They can rent their properties a mere 3 times a year, no matter the term of the rentals.

Miami Vacation Condo Building

Miami Vacation Condo Building

City of Miami Beach inspectors have been on the lookout for violators of this legal interpretation that will soon be added to the city codes.

Home owners in Miami Beach have received fines and have watched their homes get raided by police to enforce a misfit regulation for one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Nonetheless, vacationers should follow tips for travel and be careful when staying at a vacation rental. Maintain the serenity to your vacation in order to avoid such consequences.

Some vacation rental property owners advertise on websites or magazines under the false indication that their vacation homes are located in Miami Beach when, in fact, they are in other neighborhoods of Miami.

Make sure to get travel information such as the address of the house when you reserve it. If it is located in Miami Beach, you should be prepared to risk expulsion. Otherwise, follow tips for travel and avoid this vacation rental house entirely.

If the vacation villa is located in other areas of Miami such as North Miami Beach, Miami or North Miami, you can peacefully enjoy your stay. Always make sure to follow tips for travel and ask the Miami vacation rental agency if there are any restrictions or other travel information you should know.

The cities of Miami, North Miami and North Miami Beach are not targeted by this ordinance.


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