Carpool Connection in Miami and South Florida

Though the number of carpoolers was decreasing from 1980 to 2007, the numbers recently got a little higher after gas prices rose.

About three-quarters of American workers drive alone. Soon, commuters will have an option that allows them to carpool if they decide to do so at the last minute without committing to a daily arrangement.

This is possible through an application that was made for iPhones called Avego ( that is connecting drivers and passengers depending on planned and desired routes.

Avego, based in Ireland, requires that drivers who are willing to offer rides to download the application and input their preferred route. Place the iPhone on the dashboard and it records your entire route and sends it to the network for potential passengers to see.

Passengers are not required to have an iPhone to use the program. They can simply go to the Avego website, call or send a text message.

Carpoolers can identify each other by photographs or PINs that are used to authorize transactions. Passengers are charge 30 cents per mile, of which 85% goes to the driver and 15% goes to Avego.

All payments are made through automated online accounting. Avego will take some time to establish an abundant collection of passengers and drivers.

Currently, there is a similar iPhone application called Carticipate (

This matching-service application was released in October and already has over 10,000 downloads. Drivers interested in carpooling register and set up a profile for other people with iPhones to search and find them.

Europeans commuting from one country to another find Carticipate very useful as it is much cheaper than a train ride. If you are on vacation yourself and have an iPhone, you may rent a car in Miami and everything works the same.


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