Cold weather in the US and impact on Miami Tourism

In the past, there has been a direct correlation between cold weather in the rest of country and the influx of visitors in Miami. A cold front in the middle of this week affected most of the northern part of the country. Still, hoteliers in Miami are not celebrating just yet. Apparently, the economic crisis is affecting bookings.

Typically, the colder it gets in other places, the more last-minute bookings seen in Miami. The Miami tourism season started weakly with several big discounts for Miami hotel rooms resulting more advantageous for vacationers and a less for the actual industry. In October and November, Miami hotels records showed weak numbers and declining revenues for the first time since 2002. The cities of Miami and Miami Beach are focusing efforts on their marketing campaign to lure vacationers back to the magical city. Most of the city’s marketing efforts were implemented in the summer during the low season. Officials don’t want to take risks and act preemptively. Tourists are jumping at all Miami package deals and looking into Miami holiday rentals in order to vacation within a tighter budget.

Catalina Hotel in South Beach


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