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Miami Beach tourism is still suffering even through the high season. Miami Beach hotel revenues and occupancy numbers are decreasing even more quickly than they did after September 11th. Miami Beach tourism suffered a great deal after September 11th due to people’s reluctance to fly. Miami’s Guide will guide you in the right direction and help you find everything you need for the perfect trip.

Revenue for Miami Beach hotels in February 2009 was low and occupancy rates dropped between 10 to 73%. Miami Beach hotel room prices declined an average of 15% to $180 per night. Aside from the global decline, Miami Beach tourism is also suffering because of the increased hotel room supply. There are 10% more Miami Beach hotel rooms this year than last year. Despite the decrease in numbers, Miami Beach tourism gets along well compared to other US top tourist destinations. Vacationers in Miami Beach take advantage of incredible deals on accommodations and usually prefer to stay in Miami Beach vacation rental properties. Miami Beach hotels averages per room are the highest in the country. Use Miami’s Guide to make educated decisions and save while traveling.

Catalina Hotel in Miami Beach

Catalina Hotel in Miami Beach


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  2. Have a look at some of the Miami Beach Street Fashion shot on Lincoln Rd in June 09…

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