Miami Beach Trying to Evict Mr. Clucky?!

The latest buzz on South Beach is regarding a local celebrity chicken named Mr. Clucky. South Beach residents are very familiar with Mr. Clucky as are many, if not most, visitors who have walked along Lincoln Road. He is a white chicken that is always perched upon his owner’s shoulder or bike handlebars while he bicycles his way through South Beach all day, every day. People also always easily spot Mark Buckley, Mr. Clucky’s owner, with his trademark jean overalls and a beanie hat.

Word is, someone complained about Mr. Clucky and, thus, began the feud. The City of Miami Beach is now saying that Mr. Clucky gets the boot! City code enforcement says that farm animals are not allowed to live in Miami Beach and that Buckley and Mr. Clucky must move out of their Jefferson Avenue studio apartment and get out of town.

Buckley is arguing that his long-time resident of Miami Beach has brought smiles to children’s faces for years and has become more like an ambassador of the city. In the past few months, Buckley has collected signed affidavits from neighbors promising that the rooster does not make any noise or act as a nuisance. People have gathered on Lincoln Road to show their support and protest with signs. On Wednesday night, July 29th, a news conference and candlelight vigil was held for Mr. Clucky. Mr. Clucky went into Miami Beach City Hall this Thursday morning at 9:00AM to learn his fate. Will he be evicted or accepted?

Mr. Clucky on a Bike

Mr. Clucky on a Bike

UPDATE: “A special hearing officer ordered Buckley on Thursday to pay a $50 fine and gave city code officers the authority to remove Mr. Clucky and his publicity-shy hen girlfriend, Wallflower, from Buckley’s first-floor condo on Jefferson Avenue.” Miami Herald / 07.30.2009


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